Yoga was the last thing on my mind until 2004. Until then, the only way I could find peace was through running. However, my back continually went out to the point where I had to explore other avenues to keep my peace. A dear friend of mine forced me to take a hot yoga class. The first class… I was hooked. I got the same feeling that I would get from running ten miles without ever leaving my mat. Not to mention my back is stronger than ever and my knees are still intact. I look back now knowing that had the injury not happened and if things would have gone as planned, I would have never found hot yoga. Sometimes when you plan God laughs and that’s a good thing! Because of that, I’m now not only practicing yoga, but teaching it as well. Keep that in mind and you will find life to be a place of peace, love and happiness.

Outside of yoga I have a wonderful family; two amazing little girls, a very loving husband and of course a little dog that fits right in with the family! We love to go camping, out to dinner/movies, but most of all visiting friends and family is our favorite thing to do!