Kim Chavez

Kim Chavez recently began to deepen her physical practice of yoga not too long ago. Having been a counselor, Kim understands the importance of being able to find stillness in the mind and be in the present moment in order to respond to life. Kim decided to immerse herself in the practice of yoga and consequently yoga became her passion. For Kim, it just made sense to share her passion and love for yoga with others. In 2011, Kim received her 200 hr. teacher training certification at LifePower Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ and her 500 hour certification at Dave’s Astanga Yoga in 2013.

Kim is dedicated to encourage students to find their internal strength, discipline and lightness in their practice in a safe and compassionate way. Kim encourages her students to move the energy in the body with the breath, allow for moments of stillness to become familiar and compassionately provides opportunities for students to step out of the comfort zone. Kim is passionate about the benefits of yoga to heal the mind, body, and soul while guiding an energetic Vinyasa class filled with positive energy. Kim strives to make every breath count on and off the mat while encouraging a positive sense of community.

Filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be guided by amazing teachers as Dave and Cheryl Oliver, John Salisbury, Anton Mackey and Jenn Chiarelli Kim continues to be as much of a student as a teacher.

~Peace, Love, & Gratitude~