I was born and raised in Gilbert! I am married to superman, and we have five amazing children. Three boys and two girls ages 13-3 months. I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for almost a decade. I love to help others with the knowledge I have been given as well as cook healthy food for the ones I love!

My love for yoga stemmed from a friend forcing (yes forcing, I was a cardio addict) me to my first class and engulfed me ever since. I then took my 200hr teacher training at Inner Vision in Chandler Arizona and have been teaching yoga for about three years, while practicing for five. I have such a respect for the personal individualizations of yoga and I always try to keep a beginners mind set.

My favorite pose:
Eka Pada Koondiniasa (one footed arm balance)it takes lots of core strength and visualization. It frees the mind as you build strength in your body and is a good transitioning pose for more inversions.